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[FREE DIVORCE E-BOOK] What You Should Know Before Filing For Divorce
Posted on: 15 Feb, 2019

Divorce E-Book in Plain Language – 100% Free

“What is an uncontested divorce? What should I do to start my divorce? Who is the Plaintiff and who is the Defendant? What should I do if my spouse does not want to sign the divorce papers?”

This e-book is loaded with simple answers to the 56 most frequently asked questions about divorce.

PLEASE NOTE: The updated version, the 2022 edition, will soon be published. 

DOWNLOAD HERE: 2019 E-book – What You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

After reading this divorce e-book you will know, among other things:

  • Which steps to take to start divorce proceedings,
  • The difference between contested and uncontested divorces,
  • The meaning of “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”,
  • Whether you have a right to spousal maintenance,
  • The difference between lifelong and rehabilitative maintenance,
  • The difference between DIY and online divorces,
  • When DIY and online divorces are not recommended,
  • Which Court will have jurisdiction to hear the divorce,
  • How long it takes to get a divorce,
  • What a parenting plan is,
  • What the role of the Family Advocate is, and
  • What a Rule 43 Application is.

Which questions would you like us to include in our next free divorce e-book?

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