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What Documents do I Need to File for Divorce?
Posted on: 1 Jun, 2017

What documents do I need to file for divorceWhat Documents do I Need to File for Divorce?

To apply for an online divorce, you do not need to submit any documents. Only after your application has been submitted, you will receive a letter (via email) requesting the following documents.

1. The FICA Documents

All accountable institutions (including law firms) are obliged to comply with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2002 (“FICA”). Law firms must keep proper records of all dealings with clients and take the appropriate steps to verify the identity of its clients. Before any work is done on the case, the following documents will be requested by the law firm:

  • Copy of Your ID Document and/or Passport,
  • Proof of Your Income Tax Number (Salary Slips / Tax Return) and
  • Proof of Your Residential Address.

2. The Marriage Documents

The following documents which relate to your marriage will also be requested by your divorce attorney:

  • Copy of Your Antenuptial Contract (if any) and
  • Your Marriage Certificate*.

*For an online, uncontested/unopposed divorce, you need to bring your original marriage certificate with you for the court hearing only.

3. Financial & Other Documents

Depending on the contents of your divorce application, further documents may also be requested, for example: updated valuations of immovable property, list of assets and liabilities, list of income & expenses, pension-/provident fund benefit statements, etc.

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