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International Divorce: 5 Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on: 8 Mar, 2017

international-divorce-south-africa-cape-townPatton Williams Attorneys (iedivorce) specialises in uncontested international divorce litigation, offering a convenient service that is simple, fast and affordable.

1. What are the requirements for an international divorce with iedivorce?

  1. One spouse must permanently reside (is domiciled) in South Africa.
  2. Both spouses are willing to sign the divorce papers.

2. How long will the international divorce take?

International uncontested divorces can be finalised within about 2 – 4 months’ time. Various factors such as the speed of the courier services, the Sheriff’s workload and the Court’s roll and recess schedule can influence this.

3. What is the cost of an international divorce?

Our usual fee for an international divorce where one spouse (the Defendant) resides in the Western Cape is R15,000 (R8250 deposit).  If the Defendant resides outside of the Republic of South Africa the fee is R20,000 (R11,000 deposit). This is because the Defendant then needs to be served outside of the Republic of South Africa and a special application needs to be made to court to authorise this. The deposit in either circumstance is payable before the drafting process will commence (start) and the balance of the fee is payable once the Defendant has been served with the divorce summons.

4. What documents do I need to start the divorce process?

  1. Proof of residential address,
  2. Copy of ID document or passport,
  3. Copy of  marriage certificate and
  4. Copy of antenuptial contract (if any).

5. Must both spouses be at the Court to finalise the divorce?

No. In uncontested divorces it will only be necessary for one spouse to appear in court. The Plaintiff (the person who started the divorce process) usually appears, however the parties can agree that the Defendant appears in court on behalf of the parties.

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Divorce Attorney Cape Town, Nazli WilliamsNazli Williams (BCom LLB), director of Patton Williams Attorneys is an admitted divorce attorney of the High Court of South Africa, specializing in Divorce and Family Law matters. Her fields of expertise and interest include Divorce Law, Family Law, Domestic Violence Law and International Divorce Law. Her vision is to demystify Family Law processes, helping good people in plain language and with great technology, to achieve remarkable results.

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