Attorney Ilizna (Liz) Esterhuyse, founder of iedivorce, recently joined forces with Viljoen Y Attorneys, divorce attorneys in Pretoria. This article highlights the professional legal services offered with helpful links to divorce law information in plain language.

Divorce Attorneys in Pretoria – Services

Ilizna (Liz) Esterhuyse and the team at Viljoen Y Attorneys, divorce attorneys in Pretoria, assist clients with the following:

  1. Uncontested divorce matters,
  2. Contested divorce litigation,
  3. International divorce,
  4. Online divorce,
  5. Missing spouse divorce,
  6. Care and contact disputes,
  7. Rule 43 applications / interim maintenance applications,
  8. Guardianship, care and contact disputes,
  9. Parental rights and responsibility agreements,
  10. Parenting plans.

Divorce Attorneys in Pretoria – Uncontested Divorce

When both spouses want to divorce and they are in agreement with the terms of the divorce, the uncontested divorce process is usually the recommended and most cost-effective route. These divorce terms include agreements about maintenance, the division of assets, guardianship, care and contact arrangements.

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Divorce Attorneys in Pretoria – How much does a divorce cost?

Uncontested divorce matters can usually be finalised in shorter time periods and at fixed rates. Click here to read the current pricelist.

Contested divorce matters and other family law related matters usually take longer to finalise and most family lawyers charge fees in accordance with hourly fee structures.

Why choose us?

Divorce Attorney Ilizna Esterhuyse (iedivorce) and the legal team at Viljoen Y Attorneys assist local and international clients with divorce and other family law related matters in plain language. We have a professional yet personal approach and value efficient communication with clients. Excellence is standard practice.

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Ilizna Esterhuyse - Divorce Attorneys in Pretoria

Ilizna (Liz) Esterhuyse, founder of iedivorce, associate at Viljoen Y Attorneys (divorce attorneys in Pretoria), and author of What You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa, specializing in Divorce and Family Law matters. Her fields of interest include Divorce Law, Family Law, Domestic Violence Law and International Divorce Law. Her vision is to demystify Family Law processes, helping good people in plain language and with great technology, to achieve remarkable results.