amicable divorce cape townDivorce is never easy, but an amicable divorce is possible and it starts with you and your choices.

1. Focus on the future

Constantly discussing all the things that led to the breakdown of the marriage and/or blaming your spouse, will only stir negative emotions, making divorce settlement extra difficult.

2. Be willing to negotiate

Divorce is never a win-win situation. When both parties understand that certain compromises might be necessary, an amicable settlement is easier to achieve. Be prepared to discuss it.

3. Stay patient

If your spouse needs extra time to think about your settlement proposal, allow for it. Divorce can be overwhelming and feeling pressured to sign anything might reduce your changes for an amicable divorce settlement. Be polite and considerate.

4. Try divorce mediation

If all else fails, but before rushing into expensive contested divorce litigation, opt for divorce mediation. An experienced, neutral divorce mediator can guide you and your spouse towards an amicable settlement.

5. Separate your emotions from the process

This might be easier said than done. Focus on the facts and outcome of the divorce rather than by allowing emotions to navigate the process.

6. Choose the right attorney

Divorce does not have to be a drawn-out financial and emotional nightmare. Appoint a reliable divorce attorney who strives to finalize divorces in an amicable manner without unnecessary litigation or delay. Click here for more great tips about choosing your divorce attorney.

Considering an amicable divorce?

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